The Apics team no longer exists. It has been renewed as a team named Factas. The website of Apics is kept online for archive purpose but is no longer maintained. Check out the news of the team on our new website!

 Analysis and Problems of Inverse type in Control and Signal processing

APICS is a project-team in constructive  mathematics at the crossroads of function theory, harmonic analysis, circuit and system theory,  and  inverse problems.

APICS‘s favorite topics include:

  • frequency domain optimization and complex approximation,
  • transfer-function analysis and realization,
  • inverse potential problems and boundary-value problems,
  • extremal problems and spectral theory for analytic or  pseudo-analytic functions,  harmonic gradients and their operators.

APICS‘s typical applications today  are:

  • identification, analysis and design of microwave devices,
  • inverse source problems and nondestructive control in EEG/MEG, paleomagnetism and gravimetry,
  • inverse free boundary problems in plasma magnetic containment.

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