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Jacques Sainte-Marie

Senior scientist – Inria


  • Address:
    At Inria: Office A306, 2 rue Simone Iff, 75012 Paris
    At J.-L. Lions Laboratory (Sorbonne university): Jussieu, Corridor 16-26, office 327 (3rd floor)

Professional activities

  • Deputy director for science of Inria
  • Head of ICT & environment program
  • Co-pilot with Claire Rogel-Gaillard of the PEPR “Agroecology & ICT” (PEPR stands for ‘national research program’) – website
  • Teaching activities (current)
  • Modelling of free surface flows, M1 (IPGP – Univ. Paris-Diderot)
  • Numerical appoximation & simulation of models arising in geosciences, M2 (IPGP – Univ. Paris-Diderot)
  • Publications

    Scientific interest

    • Measure and reduction of the environmental impacts of ICT
    • ICT as a tool for the reduction of the carbon footprint of several sectors such as agriculture, fooding, mobility, industry…
    • Mathematical modelling, numerical Analysis, scientific computing for problems arising in geophysics
      • Free surface flows
      • Shallow water equations and related models
      • Kinetic formulation of conservations laws
      • Inverse problems

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