ATC: Address Trace Compression

ATC is a utility for compressing/decompressing traces consisting of 64-bit addresses. It works on Unix-like systems (Linux, MacOS,…). ATC leverages existing general-purpose compressors/decompressors. In particular, the current ATC distribution assumes that gzip and bzip2 are installed on your machine. But the source code can easily be modified to work with other compressors. ATC provides lossless or lossy compression modes. Lossless compression is safe and can be applied on any sequence of 64-bit values. The lossy compression mode is intended for cache-filtered address traces and it is recommended to verify its applicability before using it for some study. More information can be found in the ISPASS 2009 paper and slides.

Download: atc-1.3

Information on how to use the software can be found in the README file.

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