The TONUS team is focusing on mathematical modeling, numerical schemes, and computing issues for plasma physics simulation. It is related to the construction in France of the International Thermonuclear Experimental Reactor (ITER). This international project aims at producing energy from thermonuclear fusion by confining a very hot hydrogen plasma inside a toroidal chamber, called tokamak.

Research directions

  • Investigate mathematical models for tokamak plasmas: MHD models, full kinetic models, and reduced kinetic models (obtained by asymptotic analysis) like gyrokinetic, drift-kinetic, and guiding center models.
  • Investigate numerical algorithms for solving such problems. Propose and study adapted numerical methods for solving issues like the multiscale behaviour or the specific configuration of the problems.
  • Scientific Computing for efficient simulations for plasmas: the high dimension and the difficult geometry of the problems lead to very costly simulations. Therefore the High Performance Computing plays an important role to deal with such problems.

Software projects

Our methods are implemented in two software libraries, adapted to new computer architectures.


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