Research Objectives

Thoth is a computer vision and machine learning team. Our initial goal was to develop machine learning models for analyzing the massive amounts of visual data that are currently available on the web. Then, the focus of the team has become more diverse. More precisely, we share a common objective of developing machine learning models that are robust and efficient (in terms of computational cost and data requirements).

Our main research directions are the following ones:

  • visual understanding from limited annotations and data: Many state-of-the-art computer vision models are typically trained on a huge corpus of fully annotated data. We want to reduce the cost by developing new algorithms for unsupervised, self-supervised, continual, or incremental learning.
  • efficient deep learning models, from theory to applications: We want to invent a new generation of machine learning models (in particular deep learning) with theoretical guarantees, efficient algorithms, and a wide range of applications. We develop for instance models for images, videos, graphs, or sequences.
  • statistical machine learning and optimization: we are also developing efficient machine learning methods, with a focus on stochastic optimization for processing large-scale data, and online learning.
  • pluri-disciplinary collaborations: Machine learning being at the crossing of several disciplines, we have successfully conducted collaborations in scientific domains that are relatively far from our domains of expertise. These fields are producing massive amounts of data and are in dire needs of efficient tools to make predictions or interpretations. For example, we have had the chance to collaborate with many colleagues from natural language processing, robotics, neuroimaging, computational biology, genomics, astrophysics for exoplanet detections, and we are currently involved in several remote sensing and hyperspectral imaging projects thanks to Jocelyn Chanussot (hosted by Thoth from 2019 to 2022).

Our last activity reports

Major projects (main PI is a team member, since 2016)

  • ANR JCJC BONSAI (2023 — 2027)
  • ERC APHELEIA (2023 — 2028)
  • two 3IA MIAI chair (2019 — 2023)
  • ANR JCJC AVENUE (2018 — 2023)
  • ERC SOLARIS (2017 — 2022)
  • ANR JCJC MACARON (2015 — 2018)
  • ERC ALLEGRO (2013 — 2018)



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