AFF3CT Framework

AFF3CT is a development and experimentation framework to explore and optimize multiple families of software Error Correction Codes algorithms.


EasyPAP aims at providing students with an easy-to-use programming environment to learn parallel programming.


MBI, the MPI Bugs Initiative, is a collection of MPI codes that aims at assessing the status of MPI verification tools.

MIPP C++ Wrapper Library

MIPP (MyIntrinsics++) is a C++ header-only library (wrapper) to abstract the use of hardware-specific SIMD intrinsics routines.


The PARallel COntrol flow Anomaly CHecker aims at helping developers in their debugging phase of parallel and distributed applications.

StarPU Runtime System

StarPU is a task-based runtime system for heterogeneous platforms coupling a performance modeling scheduler with a distributed shared-memory manager.

External Software Contributions

We also contribute to:

  • Portable Hardware Locality library – hwloc: Hwloc is a Portable Hardware Locality software package providing an abstraction of the hierarchical topology of modern architectures.
  • Chameleon solver: Chameleon is a dense linear algebra software for heterogeneous architectures.

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