StarPU Runtime System

StarPU is a task-based runtime system for heterogeneous platforms coupling a performance modeling scheduler with a distributed shared-memory manager.

KSTAR OpenMP Compiler

KSTAR is a source-to-source OpenMP compiler translating pragma annotations into calls to task-based runtime systems such as StarPU.

AFF3CT Framework

AFF3CT is a development and experimentation framework to explore and optimize multiple families of software Error Correction Codes algorithms.


The PARallel COntrol flow Anomaly CHecker aims at helping developers in their debugging phase of parallel and distributed applications.

Software Contexts for Locality

Swloc is a flexible library for running multiple parallel codes concurrently.


External Software Contributions

We also contribute to:

Portable Hardware Locality library – hwloc: Hwloc is a Portable Hardware Locality software package providing an abstraction of the hierarchical topology of modern architectures.

Chameleon solver: Chameleon is a dense linear algebra software for heterogeneous architectures.

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