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ViSEvAl result comparison

The goal of this script is to compare different result files of the same sequence.

To run the script, use the following command :

python resultComparison.py <resultFile1.txt> ... <resultFileN.txt>

The result files must be ViSEvAl output file generated by the ViSEvAlEvaluation binary.

The script displays useful information of the result files and the best configuration for each metrics is highlighted in green. The “Show all” switch toggles the display between global results and detected object metrics.

XML1 Viewer

XML1 Viewer is a Python script showing statistics and information about XML1 output of SUP.

To run the script, use the following command :

python XML1Viewer.py <XML1file>

With only an XML1 file as input, the script displays all the detected object with the following statistics :

  • number of frames
  • total duration (last frame – first frame)
  • average 2D dimension (in pixels)
  • average 3D dimension (in meters)


If the directory  containing the sequence images is added as input, the images of each detected object appear.