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Communication for project integration in coolaborations

I have the task for the VICOMO project to integrate our SUP platform with other partners software, so the constraint is that every partner has its own thing.

For the task I am creating some code excerpts that will be communicating XML code to a raw TCP server and to a HTTP server. The examples should be available by this week and are written with boost::asio library.

Also, as the new development that we are taking in the team platform should be looking forward next years,  I am evaluating boost::asio and Zero MQ http://www.zeromq.org/  as well for the inter process communication between the different platform instances.



Staying enough flexible on our datatypes

Hy all,

here is our current subject of discussion: How to code our datatype so that we can easily change it but still having the possibility to get some functions on those? VISEVAL has already this goal in mind. The DTK may have some generic way to handle it but how? We have been discussing on the VISEVAL implementation and we need to understand more the spirit of the DTK and what are those current capabilities? Let’s add some comments on this post to get some details.

Best Regards and keep thinking!