PANORAMA Logo[2012 – 2015] PANORAMA Project – Ultra Wide Context Aware Imaging

PANORAMA is an ENIAC European Project which has started on the 1st of April 2012 and will last 36 months. INRIA Grant is 398.5 Keuros (369KE). This project concerns advanced image-video processing algorithms that are typically acquired with multiple cameras and processed on high performance computing hardware.

PANORAMA aims to research, develop and demonstrate generic breakthrough technologies and hardware architectures for a broad range of imaging applications. For example, object segmentation is a basic building block of many intermediate and low level image analysis methods. In broadcast applications, segmentation can find people’s faces and optimize exposure, noise reduction and color processing for those faces; even more importantly, in a multi-camera setup these imaging parameters can then be optimized to provide a consistent display of faces (e.g., matching colors) or other regions of interest.

PANORAMA will deliver solutions for applications in medical imaging, broadcasting systems and security & surveillance, all of which face similar challenging issues in the real time handling and processing of large volumes of image data. These solutions require the development of imaging sensors with higher resolutions and new pixel architectures. Furthermore, integrated high performance computing hardware will be needed to allow for the real time image processing and system control. The related ENIAC work program domains and Grand Challenges are Health and Ageing Society – Hospital Healthcare, Communication & Digital Lifestyles – Evolution to a digital lifestyle and Safety & Security – GC Consumers and Citizens security

The project is executed by a strong international consortium, containing large high-tech companies (e.g. Philips Healthcare, Medisys, Grass Valley, Bosch Security Systems, STMicroelectronics, Thales Angenieux, Capna, CMOSIS,…), smaller innovative SMEs (CycloMedia, Q-Free) and is complemented with relevant research groups and departments from well-known universities (TU Eindhoven, University of Leeds, University of Catania) and research institutes (INRIA, ARMINES, IBBT). Participating countries are France, Italie, U.K., Belgium, Netherlands.

For more information, see the PANORAMA Project Web-Page.

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