CAR installer script

Summary :

  1. About the script
  2. Install CAR from scratch

1 – About the script :

1.1 – Script usage

Get help by using the -h or --help parameters.

./ [parameter]

1.2 – Script function

By defaut the script install CAR from scratch, so you can start the script without parameter if you simply want to install CAR.

To get the version of the script, start the script with the --version parameter.

./ --version

1.3 – Script parameters

You can use the script to manage the CAR installation (updating, uninstalling…) by using the respective parameters :

  • --install-car, use this parameter to install CAR from scratch (clean install of fedora advised),
  • --update-car, use this parameter to update CAR (SUP rpms in particular) from the last update released,
  • --uninstall-car, use this parameter to uninstall CAR, then you must remove the database by running the parameter bellow,
  • --remove-db, use this parameter to remove the CAR database installation, a backup will be proposed (as well done by the parameter bellow),
  • --backup-db, use this parameter to save the current database of CAR, the destination folder should be accessible with writing permission for other (e.g. chmod o+w /path/to/folder/),
  • --help or -h, use this parameter to get more help,
  • --version, use this parameter to get the current version of the script.

2 – Install CAR from scratch :

For now, you can only use the script with Fedora 19 64bits. It’s advised to use the script on a clean install of fedora.

2.1 – CAR installer script

Download the script :


Add the execution permission :

chmod ug+x

To install CAR, run the script as root :

sudo ./

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