Category: Action recognition

Multi-sensors fusion for daily living activities recognition in older people domain

I am currently researching the use of Information and Communication Technologies as tools for preventative care and diagnosis support in elderly population. Our current approach uses accelerometers and video sensors for the recognition of instrumental daily living activities (IADL, e.g., preparing coffee, making a phone call). Clinical studies have pointed the decline of elderly performance in IADL as a potential indicator of early symptoms of a dementia case (e.g., Alzheimer’s’ patients). IADL are modeled and detected using a constraint-based generic ontology (called SCREK). This ontology allows us to describe events based on spatial, temporal, and sensors data (e.g., MotionPOD) values.

Action recognition description

Human action recognition is a very important and challenging problem. Our goal is to learn and recognize short human actions in videos taken by various types of cameras.

Involved people: Piotr BILINSKI