The SPADES project-team aims at mastering the complexity and dependability of networked embedded computing systems by focusing on three key questions:

  1. How to build networked embedded systems as adaptive modular structures?
  2. How to program systems with resource and behavioral constraints on multicore architectures?
  3. How to program reliable and fault-tolerant embedded systems with different levels of criticality?

Research Themes

  • Design and Programming Models
    • Embedded component-based design
    • Dataflow models of computation
  • Certified Real-Time Programming
    • Schedulability analysis and scheduler synthesis
    • Predictability
    • Multi-criteria scheduling
  • Fault Management and Causal Analysis
    • Automatic transformations for fault tolerant circuits
    • Tracking and exploiting causality for reversibility, fault ascription, and explainability

[Most SPADES team members were previously part of the (now defunct) POPART and SARDES project-teams]

NEW: discover some of the research activities of SPADES in this animated film.

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