THOTH software

Classification of the trajectories in a single micro-patterned (crossbow) cell :
Rab11a-GFP protein in TIRF-2D fluorescence microscopy (courtesy of UMR 144 CNRS-Institut Curie).
In blue Brownian motion, in green subdiffusion, in red superdiffusion.


THOTH (Testing HypOtheses for diffusion TricHotomy) is a method for classifying particle trajectories into three groups of diffusion corresponding to different biological contexts:

  • Free diffusion (or Brownian motion) : the particle evolves freely inside the cytosol.
  • Subdiffusion : the particle is confined in a domain or evolves in an open but crowded area.
  • Superdiffusion : the particle is transported actively via molecular motors along the cytoskeleton.

We use a three-decision statistical test to make this classification. We develop :

  • a single test procedure to test a single trajectory.
  • a multiple test procedure which tests a collection of trajectories at the same time for reducing the number of false alarms (number of Brownian trajectories falsely labeled as non-Brownian.)

Software distribution

Matlab source code is freely ditributed under Affero GPL v3.0 license:



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