General Presentation

The research team RAP (Networks, Algorithms and Probability) created in 2004 is issued from a long standing collaboration between engineers at Orange Labs in Lannion and researchers from INRIA-Rocquencourt.

At Orange Labs in Lannion, the members of the team are experts in the analytical modeling of communication networks as well as the design of algorithms for communication networks.

At INRIA-Rocquencourt, the members of RAP have a recognized expertise in modeling methodologies applied to stochastic models of communication networks.

The efforts of RAP research team focus on few dedicated domains of application over a period of three or four years. The current research projects are:

The RAP research team also aims at developing new fundamental tools to investigate probabilistic models of complex communication networks. Mathematical models of complex communication networks requiring a deep understanding of general results on stochastic processes are more and more used in stochastic modeling. Technical tools such as scaling methods, large deviations and rare events, requiring a good understanding of some fundamental results concerning stochastic processes, are now used in the analysis of these stochastic models. Two fundamental domains are currently investigated:

  • Scaling methods for Markov processes describing large networks.
  • Fluid limits, functional limit theorems.