QInfo is an Inria Project-Team focusing on quantum information. We develop mathematical and algorithmic tools to make optimal use of quantum information resources.

Team presentation

Information-processing devices that can take advantages of the laws of quantum theory have an important potential in terms of computation, communication and secrecy. However, the quantum devices available today are all affected by unwanted noise: the actual behavior of the device only matches approximately with the model they were designed for. Such an unwanted deviation from the model can have devastating effects for the information processing applications: for example, in the context of quantum computation, the accumulation of noise can render the outcome of the computation completely useless. This project aims to develop methods and algorithms to optimally reduce the undesirable effect caused by noise on quantum information processing tasks.

Research themes

  1.  Characterization, certification and applications of noisy quantum devices
    1. Efficient methods for testing and characterizing quantum systems
    2. Limitations on the computational power of noisy quantum devices
    3. Efficient optimization using noisy quantum computers
    4. Certification of quantum devices
  2. Error correction methods for quantum information processing
    1. Optimal error correction tailored to noise model
    2. Error correction and fault-tolerance with LDPC codes
    3. New approaches for fault-tolerance
  3. New models and applications from fundamental approaches
    1. Quantum control in quantum information processing
    2. Multipartite entanglement and its applications

Physically, we are located at two places: ENS Lyon and the Minatec Campus in Grenoble. We hold regular seminars at both locations with online participation. To receive information about the seminars, please email Omar Fawzi.

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