ADT-Inria project, 2012-2014

Partners: Hybrid, Athena, Neurosys, Potioc

This ADT (Technological Development Support) Inria is located in the framework of the Inria Project-Lab BCI-LIFT, and is the sequel to the ADT project OpenViBE-NT. The opensource OpenViBE software, developped by Inria since 2005, is among the main mature software to design and study Brain Computer Interfaces (BCI) worldwide, and is at the heart of BCI research at Inria.
This project aims at providing OpenViBE with engineer resources to extent the functionalities of OpenViBE on the one hand, in order to contribute to the research works from IPL BCI-LIFT, and, on the other hand, to contribute to its maintenance and necessary upgrades, to be up-to-date with software and hardware evolutions, as well to work on new OpenViBE releases for the community.

Partners: Inria teams Athéna (Nice, project leader), Hybrid (Rennes) et Potioc (Bordeaux)
Duration: 2014-2016

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