Myriads is a joint team with Inria, CNRS, University Rennes 1,  Insa Rennes, and ENS Rennes. It is part of Irisa (D1 department on large scale systems) and Inria Rennes – Bretagne Atlantique.

The objective of Myriads is to design and implement systems and environments for autonomous service and resource management in distributed virtualized infrastructures. The team tackles the challenges of dependable application execution and efficient resource management in the future Internet of Services. We contribute to cloud computing, green computing, and  autonomous systems and applications programming. We address various application domains including smart cities, smart grids, real-time augmented reality, hyper-local advertising, science.

Our main research directions aiming at making highly-distributed clouds sustainable are as follows:

  • Scaling clouds
    • Edge clouds and fog computing
    • Distributed clouds
  • Greening clouds
    • Smart grids and clouds
    • Energy cost models
    • Involving users in energy saving
  • Securing clouds
    • Security monitoring in cloud-hosted information systems
    • Data Protection in Cloud-based IoT Services
  • Experimenting with clouds
    • Simulation (SimGrid)
    • Experimentation (Grid’5000)


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