Software & Data


Lucy Viewer

Lucy Viewer is an interactive viewing software for 4D models, i.e, dynamic three-dimensional scenes that evolve over time. Each 4D model is a sequence of meshes with associated texture information, in terms of images captured from multiple cameras at each frame. Such data is available from the 4D repository website hosted by Inria Grenoble.

Contact: Edmond Boyer

CVT Generator

The CVT Generator is a program to build Centroidal VoronoiTessellations (CVTs) of any 3D meshes and implicit surfaces. It is written in C++ using CGAL and libLBFGS. It can be compiled into either a standalone program or a library for linking with other programs.

Contact: Li Wang

Facet Graph Convolution

FGC is a learned mesh denoising algorithm based on a graph convolution network, published in TVCG. It is written in python and based on the tensorflow library.

Contact: Matthieu Armando

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