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MOKAMEETING 25 SEPTEMBER 14H . ROOM JLL INRIA PARIS HongKai Zhao,  UC Irvine. Title:  Instability of an inverse problem for the stationary radiative transport near the diffusion limit. Abstract:  In this talk we study the instability of an inverse problem of radiative transport equation with angularly averaged measurement near the diffusion limit. We show the …

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MOKAMEETING  du 27 FEVRIER 10H-12H INRIA PARIS  SALLE A315 “Nous accueillerons le Prof. Yanir Rubinstein (U. Maryland)  qui nous fera une introduction : “Interactions between convex geometry and complex geometry” titre: Des liens et des interactions entre la géometrie convexe et la géometrie complexe Résumé:   Je vais commencer avec une introduction aux variétés complexes:définitions, …

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MOKAMEETING 10 Juillet 2018

Gwendoline De Bie  (ENS) :  Stochastic Deep Networks (click for slides) Andrea Natale (INRIA) : Generalized H(div) geodesics and solutions of the Camassa-Holm (click for slides) Theo Golvet

MOKAMEETING 13 Juin 10h-12h Salle A315

10 H    Antoine Gautier (Saarland Universitat) Title:   Sinkhorn and power method for tensors with positive entries Abstract:  For positive matrices, the power method and the Sinkhorn method have in common that their convergence can be analysed with tools of the nonlinear Perron-Frobenius theory such as the Hilbert projective metric and the Birkhoff-Hopf theorem. We present a …

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MoKaMeeting du 11 avril 2018 . Arnak Dalalyan (ENSAE – CREST) / User-friendly guarantees for the Langevin Monte Carlo

Le prochain séminaire de l’équipe Mokaplan aura lieu le mercredi 11 avril à 10h30 à l’INRIA Paris (rue du Charolais) en salle A415. Nous aurons le plaisir d’écouter Arnak Dalalyan (ENSAE – CREST):Titre: User-friendly guarantees for the Langevin Monte CarloAbstract: In this talk, I will revisit the recently established theoretical guarantees for the convergence of the Langevin Monte Carlo algorithm of …

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28 Mars 10H-12H  Salle Jacques Louis Lions  Freddy Bouchet (ENS Lyon) Large deviations and rare events in climate dynamic phenomena. Abstract: Introduction to large deviation theory (40 minutes)This talk will start with an introduction to large deviation theory and its applications in physics, statistical mechanics, and dynamical systems. We will introduce in a pedagogical way …

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MOKAMEETING du 20 Septembre 2017 10H-12H Salle A 415 (INRIA PARIS)

Mokameeting, September  20th 2017, 10:00-12:00 AM, room A415  INRIA Paris Batiment A  Andrea Natale (Imperial College, London) Title: Structure-preserving finite elements for perfect fluids Abstract: Perfect fluids with constant density are governed by the incompressible Euler equations. These equations can be formulated as a Lagrangian system with symmetries on the group of volume-preserving diffeomorphisms. In this talk, I …

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MOKAMEETING du 22 MARS 2017 10H-12H Salle A 415 (INRIA PARIS)

Talk 1 :   David Vicente (Universite de Graz) SLIDES : Séminaire_MOKAPLAN Un resultat de reconstruction exacte pour TV sous une contrainte de type EDP Abstract_David_Vicente   Talk 2 :  Xianglong DUAN (CMLS, X)   SLIDES : talk_duan Examples of gradient flows based on optimal transport of differential forms Abstract: Optimal transport theory has been a powerful …

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MFO Workshop – Applications of Optimal Transportation in the Natural Sciences

MFO Workshop Applications of Optimal Transportation in the Natural Sciences Date: 29 Jan – 4 Feb 2017  

BRENIER 60 – Calculus of Variations and Optimal Transportation

  Calculus of Variations and Optimal Transportation BRENIER 60 Institut Henri Poincaré, Amphithéâtre Hermite, Paris, January 10-13, 2017