Experimental work in partnership with VALOREM


Memphis team of INRIA and VALOREM company are both involved in the european project AEROGUST (Aeroelastic Gust Modelling). This project aims a better understanding of gust effects on aircraft and wind turbines. INRIA and VALOREM are mainly given the tasks to :

  • Investigate the predicted non-linear behaviour of wind blades subjected to gusts using incompressible flow model and ROMs (Reduced Order Models).
  • Collect experimental data.

Aims of this experimental work are to calibrate our numerical models and to use real data to better understand the blade deformations. Indeed, very few experimental data from wind turbines are accessible with both geometry, structural model and measurement on blade. And none of them correlate these measures with upstream gusts coming on the turbines.

The following data are collected on a wind turbine located in Plougras (Brittany, France) :

  • Wind speed and direction thanks to a meteorological mast (Height = 50 m)
  • Pressure on the blade
  • Deformations along blade

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