Maelstrom Associate Team

Scientific simulations are a prominent means for academic and industrial research and development efforts nowadays. Such simulations are extremely computing intensive due to the process involved in expressing modelled phenomenons in a computer-enabled form. Exploiting supercomputer resources is essential to compute the high quality simulations in an affordable time. However, the complexity of supercomputer architectures makes it difficult to exploit them efficiently.

SIMULA HPC Department

SIMULA’s HPC Dept. is the major contributor of the FEniCS computing platform. FEniCS is a popular open-source (LGPLv3) computing platform for solving partial differential equations. FEniCS enables users to quickly translate scientific models into efficient finite element code, using a formalism close to their mathematical expression.

Inria Team STORM

Inria Team STORM develops methodologies and tools to statically and dynamically optimize computations on HPC architectures}, ranging from task-based parallel runtime systems to vector processing techniques, from performance-oriented scheduling to energy consumption reduction.

Combining Strengths

The purpose of the Maelstrom associate team proposal started in 2022 is to build on the potential for synergy between STORM and SIMULA to extend the effectiveness of FEniCS on heterogeneous, accelerated supercomputers, while preserving its friendliness for scientific programmers, and to readily make the broad range of applications on top of FEniCS benefit from Maelstrom’s results.

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