Team members

Team leader

  • Alexandre Termier, Full Professor, Univ. Rennes 1, web_icon

Administrative assistant

  • Gaelle Tworkowski, Inria

Researcher staff

  • Luis Galárraga, Researcher Inria web_icon
  • Torsten Schaub, Prof. univ. Potsdam (Germany), INRIA International Chair, web_icon

Faculty members

  • Elisa Fromont, Full Professor web_icon
  • Thomas Guyet, Associate Professor, Agrocampus-Ouest web_icon
  • Christine Largouët, Associate Professor Agrocampus-Ouest web_icon
  • Véronique Masson, Associate Professor, Univ. Rennes 1
  • Laurence Rozé, Associate Professor, INSA Rennes web_icon

Research engineers

  • Louis Bonneau de Beaufort, Agrocampus-Ouest

Phd students

  • Johanne Bakalara (collaboration with REPERES, Rennes University Hospital)
  • Erwan Bourrand
  • Kévin Fauvel
  • Raphaël Gautier (collaboration with Pegase, Inra)
  • Maël Guéguen (collaboration with Cairn, Irisa)
  • Maël Guillemé
  • Colin Leverger web_icon
  • Grégory Martin
  • Anh Duong Nguyen (collaboration with SemLis, Irisa)
  • Alban Sieffer (collaboration with Emsec, Irisa)
  • Yichang Wang
  • Heng Zhang web_icon


  • Philippe Besnard, IRIT Toulouse
  • Romaric Gaudel, ENSAI web_icon
  • Anne-Isabelle Graux, INRA Rennes, Saint-Gilles

Former members (DREAM and LACODAM)

  • Tassadit Bouadi, Associate Professor, Univ. Rennes 1 web_icon
  • Lucie Callens
  • Marie-Odile Cordier, Prof. émérite, Univ. Rennes 1
  • Yann Dauxais web_icon
  • Serge Emteu
  • Pascal Garcia
  • Clément Gautrais web_icon
  • Alban Grastien,CR NICTA web_icon
  • Irène Grosclaude
  • Xavier Le Guillou
  • Simon Malinowski, Associate Professor, Univ. Rennes 1 web_icon
  • Alice Marascu, IBM Research, Dublin web_icon
  • Yves Moinard, CR Inria, retired
  • Tristan Moreau web_icon
  • Benjamin Negrevergne, Associate Professor, Univ Paris Dauphine web_icon
  • Yannick Pencolé, CR CNRS/LAAS web_icon
  • Hoang Son Pham
  • Florimond Ployette, IR Inria, retired
  • François Portet, Associate Professor, LIG Grenoble web_icon
  • René Quiniou, Researcher INRIA, web_icon
  • Ansaf Salleb, Associate Professor, Columbia University web_icon
  • Ahmed Samet, Associate Professor, INSA Strasbourg web_icon
  • Karima Sedki, Associate Professor, Univ. Paris 13 web_icon
  • Henri-Maxime Suchier
  • Ronan Trepos, Research Engineer, INRA Toulouse
  • Alexandre Vautier
  • Thierry Vidal
  • Wei Wang, Associate Professor, Beijing Jiaotong University web_icon
  • Yulong Zhao

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