The Kepler associated team has started on January 2020. Its research concerns the proposition of new timing analyses and of new scheduling multicore algorithms. The Kepler team is a joint adventure between Kopernic (Inria) and STER (Federal University of Bahia).

STER team Prof. George Lima leads the Real-Time Systems research group (STER) at Federal University of Bahia and his work covers both scheduling theory and timing analysis. Prof. Paul Regnier and Prof. Ernesto Massa on different aspects of multicore scheduling algorithms. Prof. Ver├┤nica Lima is a Statistician and her work covers timing analysis. Tadeu Nogueira studies measurement-based timing analysis.

Kopernic Liliana Cucu-Grosjean leads the Kopernic team at Inria and her work covers both scheduling theory and timing analysis. Yves Sorel has contributions on real-time multiprocessor scheduling. Prof. Avner Bar-Hen is statistician and his work together with Kevin Zagalo is dedicated to model uncertainties for timing analysis. Yasmina Abdeddaïmhas contributions on (probabilistic) scheduling theory as well as Slim Ben-Amor and Evariste Ntaryamira. Marwan works on the relation between scheduling and timing analysis.

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