We are the coordinators or participate in several contracts.

European Grant


  • Goal: Mobile context-Adaptive CAching for COntent-centric networking project, which focus on data ooading mechanisms that take advantage of context and content
  • Leader: Aline Carneiro Viana;
  • Participant: Emmanuel Baccelli.

ANR Grants

ANR / BMBF SAFEST (French-German, 2012-2015)

  • Goal: Internet of Things enhancing surveillance systems for sensitive, high population density public spaces e.g., airports, train stations, stadiums.
  • Leader: Emmanuel Baccelli; Participants: Cedric Adjih, Oliver Hahm


Equipex FIT

  • Goal: Equipex FIT is a platform built to help foster the development, tuning and experimentation of protocols and applications. The INFINE manages one of the
    sites of the FIT IoT-LAB testbeds (dedicated to the Internet of Things and wireless sensor networks).
  • Managers of local testbed: Emmanuel Baccelli, Cedric Adjih

STIC Grants

STIC AmSud UCOOL (2013-2015)

  • Goal: Understanding and predicting human demanded COntent and mObiLity project, which de nes solutions for the identi cation and modelling of correlations
    between the user mobility and the trac demand he/she generates.
  • Leader: Aline Carneiro Viana

STIC Asie URSA (2012-2014)

  • Goal: Urban Sensing for Ads Networks project, which aims at de ning an urban sensing network based on the mobility of users and the di usion of advertisings by
    xed elements.
  • Leader: Stephane Maag (TeleCom SudParis);
  • Participant: Aline Carneiro Viana