Fill the gap

The HOP language and tools invented by our team constitute a unique framework of innovative technology for today’s and tomorrow IT challenges, and dissemination of the Hop technology has become a priority for the team now that Hop is actually used to develop and deploy large applications.

Compliance to Industry standard being a key requirement for the rapid development of powerful applications, HOP now supports ECMA-262 (JavaScript) API and most Node.js libraries. HOP also supports standard robotic API and protocols, since a number of our partner applications focus on connected assistance robots.

Day after day, our team develops new tools, API, design patterns, and we also run training courses to facilitate the development of HOP applications by our partners: end users IT labs, SME, research institutes, and of course our own application team.

Through our proactive investment into dissemination actions and applications, we aim at filling the gap between research and innovation.

Web Robotics

Web Robotics is an Inria project whose goal is to provide service robotics core technology and applications, leveraging on the Hop multitier framework ( Web Robotics is part of the Personal Assisted Living large scale initiative, gathering selected Inria robotic and software teams and collaborating with health and geriatric institutes to develop assistive robotic applications. The Web Robotics team comprises scientists, engineers and entrepreneurs, working hand in hand to develop valuable technology and innovative applications that can ultimately be transferred to a spin off company or an industry partner.


RAPP is an international collaboration involving robotics and software teams from Inria, along with european technology and user partners. Inria is working with MATIA, a spanish medical foundation, to define and implement an assistive robotics activity monitoring application for the elderly. HOP is extensively used by RAPP partners, both as an embedded scripting engine for robot personalization (the MATIA/INRIA smart rollator, and the Ormylia/CERTH/WUT assistance applications on a NAO humanoid robot), and as the framework for cloud robotics applications and the application store developed by ORTELIO, an SME from UK.