We study the epidemiology and management of tropical crop diseases, mathematically and numerically. We develop and analyse dynamical models describing plant-parasite interactions, in order to better understand, predict and control the evolution of damages in crops. We focus on pests and pathogens that affect major staple food and cash crops. To tackle these issues, we jointly supervise master and PhD students.

PhD students under joint supervision

  1. Myriam DJOUKWE TAPICocoa plant mirids
    PhD: University of Douala, 2014-June 2020
    Supervisors: S. Bowong, Y. Dumont, L. Bagny-Beilhe


  2. Israël TANKAM CHEDJOUPlantain plant-parasitic nematodes
    PhD: University of Yaoundé I, Dec. 2015-April 2021
    Supervisors: J. J. Tewa, S. Touzeau, F. Grognard, L. Mailleret


  3. Yves FOTSO FOTSOCoffee berry borers
    PhD: University of Dschang, Jan. 2017-Jan. 2022
    Supervisors: B. Tsanou, S. Touzeau, F. Grognard, S. Bowong


  4. Clotilde DJUIKEMCoffee leaf rust
    Master: University of Douala, 2017-2018 & PhD: Université Côte d’Azur, Oct. 2019-Jan. 2023
    Supervisors: F. Grognard, S. Touzeau, S. Bowong


  5. Aurélien Vanes KAMBEU YOUMBICabbage diamondback moth
    PhD: University of Dschang, 2020-
    Supervisors: B. Tsanou, F. Grognard, S. Touzeau
    Subject: Development and analysis of a self-financing model for cabbage crop including pest control
  6. Frank Bagio KEMAYOU MANGWAPlantain plant-parasitic nematodes
    PhD: University of Douala, 2022-
    Supervisors: S. Bowong, S. Touzeau, F. Grognard
    Subject: Mathematical modelling and analysis of Radopholus similis impact on plantain production

Other students

  • Janvier Pesser NTAHOMVUKIYEMaize stalk borer
    PhD student: University of Douala, 2016-2020
    Supervisor: S. Bowong

    • Development and analysis of an ODE model representing the pest life cycle
    • Integration of the pest resource and of the temperature impact on the pest dynamics (pest development, reproduction and survival)
    • Introduction of control strategies (cultural practices, chemicals and alternative control) to reduce the damages in a maize field

    J.P. Ntahomvukiye, A. Temgoua, S. Bowong. Study of the population dynamics of Busseola fusca, maize pest. Acta Biotheoretica 68(4): 379-397, 2018. DOI: 10.1007/s10441-018-9335-x – HAL Id: hal-01860837

  • Michel MOUGANGCabbage diamondback moth
    Master: University of Douala, 2017-2019
    Supervisor: S. Bowong

    • Development and analysis of an ODE model representing the dynamics of the pest population competing for the cabbage leaf resource
    • Impact of environmental factors on the pest dynamics

    Michel Mougang. Mathematical modeling of Plutella xylostella, pest of cabbage. Master thesis in Mathematics and Applications, University of Douala, October 2019. Supervisor: S. Bowong.

  • Martin DOUNTIOPapaya mealybug
    PhD: University of Douala, 2020-
    Supervisor: S. Bowong
    Subject: Estimation of damages caused by Paraccocus marginatus papaya pest: modelling, analysis and control

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