The ANTIQUE CNRS/ENS/Inria Team carries out research in semantics, static analysis, abstract interpretation of programs and biological systems. We search for automatic techniques to compute semantic properties of programs (in particular safety critical embedded programs) and biological systems. Properties of interest include, among others, safety (such as absence of runtime errors, preservation of data invariants), liveness (such as termination), security (absence of information leak). Such properties are usually not computable, or can only be computed at a prohibitive cost in the case of finite systems. Therefore we tackle them with techniques based on conservative abstraction. The team is interested both in theoretical foundations and in practical implementations.

The ANTIQUE Team is affiliated to CNRS, ENS, and Inria Paris.

It is located at ENS (45, Rue d’Ulm, 75230, PARIS).

To visit us, check out the map and follow the directions:

  • Enter the 45, Rue d’Ulm main building (there may be a security check at the first door; either register your name, or ask for the security agent to call us);
  • When you enter the main building, climb a few stairs (7 steps) and go through a second door;
  • When you reach the hall (the door in front leads to the garden “Cours aux Ernests”), take the small staircase in the left;
  • Climb to the 2nd (European) or 3rd (US) floor;
  • If necessary, ring on the door in the left.