DAESD Associated Team:

Distributed/Asynchronous and Embedded/synchronous System Development


The development of concurrent and parallel systems has traditionally been clearly split in two different families; distributed and asynchronous systems on one hand, now growing very fast with the recent progress of the Internet towards large scale services and clouds; embedded, reactive, or hybrid systems on the other hand, mostly of synchronous behaviour.  The frontier between these families has attracted less attention, but recent trends, e.g. in industrial systems, in “Cyber-Physical systems”, or in the emerging “Internet of Things”, give a new importance to research combining them.

The aim of the DAESD associate team is to combine the expertise of the Oasis and Aoste teams at INRIA, the SEI-Shone team at ECNU-Shanghai, and to build models, methods, and prototype tools inheriting from synchronous and asynchronous models. We plan to address modelling formalisms and tools, for this combined model; to establish a method to analyze temporal and spatial consistency of embedded distributed real-time systems; to develop scheduling strategies for multiple tasks in embedded and distributed systems with mixed constraints.


Research themes

  • Coherent models for synchronous and asynchronous systems
  • Formal model for temporal & spatial consistency
  • Task Scheduling