Practical Information

Here you can find information useful if you are a visitor at Inria or if you are planning to move to Paris.


There are different organisations that you can contact to find housing.

If you need a guarantor to rent some place, the French government offers this service. Further information at Visale and


Regarding public transport, there are mainly two ways to get to Inria:

  • Plan A: Bus from Massy-Palaiseau (location) train station of the RER-B line.

Once you arrive at Massy-Palaiseau train station, look for the bus stop of 91.06 or 91.10 routes.

Note: Be careful with other lines with similar names (91.11 or 91.08) that could take you far away from Inria.

  • Plan B: Stairs walk from Lozère (location) train station of the RER-B line.

Plan B is usually faster than Plan A, if you do not mind the stairs.

General information for international students is also available at and

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