Zenith seminar: Teresa Branch-Smith “An Introduction to Philosophy and a closer look at Philosophy of Science” 7 nov. 2016

Séminaire Zenith
Lundi 7 novembre 2016, 15h30
Salle 2/124, Bat. 5, Campus Saint Priest

An Introduction to Philosophy and a closer look at Philosophy of Science
Teresa Branch-Smith
University of Waterloo, Canada

Philosophy of science is a major sub-discipline of philosophy aimed at considering the methods, laws, and implications of science. While it is now considered an entirely separate field of the academy with its own journals, conferences and highly specialized degrees, historically scientists themselves were also philosophers (and called Natural Scientists). To make philosophy as a discipline more accessible for our discussions, this talk will first go over some basic themes in philosophy and how the philosophy of science is situated within the discipline. Afterwards, the discussion will narrow to consider major themes in the philosophy of science. The aim of this talk is to introduce the team to relevant topics in philosophy that might also be found in their work and prime us for subsequent discussions about the implications of big data analytics specifically. Finally, I will outline a general plan for what the philosophy of big data project might look like in the upcoming months and how the Zenith’s expertise will be sourced, highlighted and improved.

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