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Patrick Valduriez est lauréat du Prix de l’innovation Inria – Académie des sciences – Dassault systèmes 2014

Instaurés en 2011, les Prix Inria ont pour vocation de promouvoir les contributions et succès de celles et ceux qui font avancer les sciences informatiques et mathématiques, qui participent ainsi au développement de notre monde numérique. Inria annonce les lauréats des Prix Inria 2014.

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IBC seminar: “Enabling Exploratory Analysis on Very Large Scientific Data” by Themis Palpanas (Univ. Paris 5), Dec 12, 2014

Enabling Exploratory Analysis on Very Large Scientific Data There is an increasingly pressing need, by several applications in diverse domains, for developing techniques able to index and mine very large collections of data series. Examples of such applications come from biology, astronomy, the web, and other domains. It is not unusual for these applications to …

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Séminaire du pôle “Données Connaissances”: “New Perspectives in Social Data Management “, Sihem Amr-Yahia (LIG), 29 novembre 2013

Séminaire du Pole Données et Connaissances   Date: 29/11 à 11h salle de séminaires 127 (Galera).   New Perspectives in Social Data Management  by Sihem Amer-Yahia Abstract: The web has evolved from a technology platform to a social milieu where factual, opinion and behavior data interleave. A number of social applications are being built to analyze and extract value from this …

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IBC seminar: Marta Mattoso,”Algebraic Dataflows for Big Data Analysis”, Nov. 5, 11am.

Séminaire IBC du WP5 Mardi 5 novembre, 11h Salle 127, Batiment Galera Algebraic Dataflows for Big Data Analysis Marta Mattoso UFRJ, Rio de Janeiro Brazil Analyzing big data requires the support of dataflows with many activities to extract and explore relevant information from the data. Recent approaches such as Pig Latin propose a high-level language to model …

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IBC seminar: Alexis Joly,”Pl@ntnet: interactive plant identification and collaborative information system.”, Sept 20, 2pm.

Alexis Joly, Zenith team, INRIA and LIRMM, France. Pl@ntnet: interactive plant identification and collaborative information system. Speeding up the collection and integration of raw botanical observation data is a crucial step towards a sustainable development of agriculture and the conservation of biodiversity. Initiated in the context of a citizen sciences project, the main contribution of …

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