Seminar by Patrick Valduriez at Inria Lille “The Case for Hybrid Transaction Analytical Processing”, 17 May 2019

Seminar by Patrick Valduriez (Inria) at Inria, Lille
17 May, 10:30 – Amphi B – Inria – Bat B

The Case for Hybrid Transaction Analytical Processing
P. Valduriez
Inria and LIRMM, Montpellier, France

Abstract. Hybrid Transaction Analytical Processing (HTAP) is poised to revolutionize data management. By providing online analytics over operational data, HTAP systems open up new opportunities in many application domains where real-time decision is critical. Important use cases are proximity marketing, real-time pricing, risk monitoring, real-time fraud detection, etc. HTAP also simplifies data management, by removing the traditional separation between operational database and data warehouse/ data lake (no more ETLs!). However, a hard problem is scaling out transactions in mixed operational and analytical workloads over big data, possibly coming from different data stores (HDFS, SQL, NoSQL, …).
In this talk, I will introduce HTAP systems and illustrate with LeanXcale, a new generation HTAP DBMS that provides ultra-scalable transactions, big data analytics, SQL/JSON support and polystore capabilities


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