• mlxR

    • A R Package for the Simulation and Visualization of Longitudinal Data

    • The models are encoded using the model coding language 'Mlxtran', automatically converted into C++ codes, compiled on the fly and linked to R using the 'Rcpp' package. That allows one to implement very easily complex ODE-based models and complex statistical models, including mixed effects models, for continuous, count, categorical, and time-to-event data.

  • Rsmlx

    • Rsmlx provides methods for model building and model evaluation of mixed effects models using 'Monolix'

    • Among other tasks, 'Rsmlx' provides a powerful tool for automatic PK model building, performs statistical tests for model assessment, bootstrap simulation and likelihood profiling for computing confidence intervals. 'Rsmlx' also proposes several automatic covariate search methods for mixed effects models.

  • SPIX

    • Analysis and modeling of mass spectrum data

    • SPIX allows you to
      – automatically identify, on the basis of statistical approaches, small but significant differences in spectra measured under different conditions,
      – model the kinetics of entities that evolve over time


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