[article+code+data]: A virtuous triptych towards reproducible research

Franck MICHEL, CNRS research engineer

Université Côte d’Azur, CNRS, Inria

Slides in English – Talk in French

Description : Too often, the methods described in research papers are not reproducible because the code and/or data are simply not provided. As a result, it is hardly possible to verify the results and build upon these works. The Open Science movement is meant to fix this by fostering the unhindered spreading of the results, methods and products of scientific research. It is based on the open access to publications, data and source codes. In the presentation, I will first touch upon the principles of Open Science and the goals of reproducibility of experiments. Then, I’ll focus on practical approaches that can allow us to make our codes and data findable (using metadata), accessible (public repositories and long-time preservation), referenceable (point to a specific version) and citable (give credit, attribution), as well as good practices to cite others’ codes and data.

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