Talk of Diogo Saraiva Lima on December the 7th at 9:15am in room Ouessant

We will be receiving Diogo Saraiva Lima from University of Lisbon who will give the following talk on Frid. Dec. 7th at 9:15am in Ouessant.

Title: State Sharing Model for Mobile Distributed Applications

Abstract: Large scale mobile distributed applications are characterized by concurrently connecting a large number of users that retrieve, publish and manipulate significant amounts of application state. The current trend tends to concentrate consistency and concurrency control in a supporting infrastructure composed of multiple servers that run the application’s logic, hosted in Cloud datacenters.

However, this model creates a geographical barrier between mobile devices and mobile application servers that imposes an unavoidable latency and jitter that negatively impacts the performance of modern mobile systems. Fog Computing architectures can mitigate this impact, but such architectures directly depend on a middleware service able to correctly partition and deploy the state of an application at optimal locations. The Geo-aware state deployment problem is challenging as it must consider the mobility of the devices and the dependencies arising when multiple devices concurrently manipulate the same application state.

In this talk we start by presenting our research on geographically aware state deployment strategies. Evaluations performed using Twitter, a social network mainly accessed via mobile device, have shown that these strategies are able to avoid latency and increase quality-of-experience, by having most of traffic handled by the servers located in close proximity to the users. Nevertheless, previous results have also shown that perfect usage scenarios and subsequent state deployments where all state items are only used in a single location are unrealistic. As a result, distributed transactions also need to be taken in consideration. We project the future work to investigate how virtual synchrony, in particular the Light-Weight Groups tecnhique, can be used to cope with distributed transactions.

Diogo’s articles on dblp: https://dblp.uni-trier.de/pers/hd/l/Lima:Diogo

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