The OpenAleaLab is an opensource integrated software platform for plant modelling. It makes it possible to upload plant models, manipulate them, or create new models by simulation. Various tools are available for this including MTG standard plant format, L-system programming (L-Py), light models (Caribu, muSlim, etc.), OpenAlea library, transport models and more.

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The development of a model of plant or cellular tissue requires the use of a modeling paradigm:

  • imperative using a script or a compiled language
  • declarative to define a set of rewriting rules like in L-systems
  • visual programming to combine existing components


This integrated development is extensible with dedicated scientific plugin developped by the team of partners.

Main Features

Plant Representation

Multiscale structure and geometry of plant can be represented and explored throw dedicatged modules (MTG, PlantGL, LeafShape, etc.)



Several acquisition pipelines made it possible to reconstruct full plant structure from laser scans (pointreconstruction, organ3dscan) or volumetric tissue of meristem from confocal images (Mars-Alt).



Toolboxes for environment (light environment: cadibu, etc…??) and plant physiology (auxin transport, ADEL, Mapplet, Tissu??) can be used to follow and study the plant growth and/or reaction to specific environment.




Biological structures and data bases can be be explored thanks to statistical modules (Treemaching, sequence analysis, StatTool, Fractalanysis).

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