Modélisation à base topologique pour la simulation de tissus végétaux

Encadrement : Frédéric Boudon (Equipe INRIA Virtual Plants, UMR AGAP), Christophe Fiorio (Equipe Lirmm ICAR), Christophe Godin (Equipe INRIA Virtual Plants).

Lieu de stage : Montpellier, LIRMM Bâtiment 5.

Rémunération : ~ 500 € / mois

Contact :frederic.boudon _AT_, christophe.fiorio _AT_, christophe.godin _AT_

Contexte : Avec les enjeux contemporains tels que l’écologie, le développement durable et …

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(Français) Sujet de stage année 2015-2016

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“Simulations d’images de microscopie confocale: Applications à l’imagerie cellulaire des plantes”.

Collaboration Créatis Lyon, Inria Virtual …

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Three ancient hormonal cues coordinate shoot branching in a moss

Speaker : Yoan Coudert From department of plant science in University of Cambridge Monday the 7th of april in room 227 at 13.30. Abstract : The evolution of branching underpinned the successful colonization of land by plants. Whereas the shape of early land plants was limited by their apical dichotomous mode of branching, the independent evolution of a lateral …

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Work-group on common file format for root architecture


UCL/ULg: G. Lobet, X. Draye

CPIB: M. Pound, T. Pridmore, M. Bennett

Virtual Plants, INRIA: J. Diener, C. Pradal, C. Godin

IBG-3 Jülich/U.of Vienna: D. Leitner, A. Schnepf

Date: 18th to 20th March 2014


An increasing number of image analysis software tools support the extraction …

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Adding a dimension to embryogenesys: the role of auxin in cell division

Speaker : Pierre Barbier de Reuille

From Institute of plant sciences, University of Bern

Date and place : 13-02-2014 at 16.00, IBC, room 127

Formative cell divisions are critical for multi-cellular patterning. In plants, in the absence of cell movement, such division follows from placing and orienting the division plane. A major unanswered question is …

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Interdisciplinary Spring School on Plant and Animal Morphogenesis – March 16‐22, 2014 Montpellier, France

The Interdisciplinary Spring School on Plant and Animal Morphogenesis is an international thematic school for Masters and PhD students with Computational, Physics or Biology backgrounds. The program focuses on the molecular, cellular and evolutionary mechanisms that determine form during animal and plant development, and introduces their formalization, modeling and simulation.

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Collaboration on Mango Tree Patchiness: J.-B. Durand and P. Fernique visited F. Normand (Cirad, Hortsys) at La Réunion

J.-B. Durand and P. Fernique went to the Cirad Bassin Plant station situated in the Réunion Island from the 25th November to the 8th December in order to work with the agronomist F. Normand (UR Hortsys, Cirad). The work done is a straight continuation of the FSPM2013 presentation Deciphering mango tree asynchronisms using …

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Jean Peyhardi defended his thesis December 9, 2013 at University of Montpellier 2.

Title: A new generalized linear model (GLM) framework for analysing categorical data; application to plant structure and development.

Abstract: This thesis proposes a new class of GLMs for a hierarchically-structured categorical response variable such as a partially-ordered variable for instance. We first introduce a new specification of GLM for ordinal or nominal response variable based …

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Publication of a joint work on phyllotaxy with the RDP laboratory in the journal Nature

The UMR RDP from ENS-Lyon in collaboration with Inria-CIRAD-INRA Virtual Plants team from UMR AGAP  published on the 15 of December a joint work in the journal Nature on the discovery of a new mechanism of phyllotaxis regulation. This work involves researchers from CNRS , Inria, CIRAD, INRA, ENS-Lyon, Helsinki University and University of Lyon I.

The geometric arrangement …

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C. Godin gave an invited talk at a symposium on multiscale plant modeling organized by the Alliance Allenvi

The Alliance Allenvi organized on the 26th and 27th of November a symposium on multiscale modeling of plants (Organizer: Jan Traas). The symposium attracted around 60 french scientists from various disciplines and working on different aspects of plant functioning. Christophe Godin presented an invited talk on the recent work on Phyllotaxy carried …

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