Valda Seminar: Yann Ramusat and Quentin Manière

23 August 2019, 10:30-11:30
ENS, S16

** Yann Ramusat :  Provenance-Based Routing in Probabilistic Graph Databases.

Abstract: Optimizing routing queries over graphs is a rich research area with important applications, e.g., to road and transportation networks. Thanks to progress made during past decades, current-day systems are able to compute paths across cities in continent-sized areas, paths that are optimal in terms of distance or expected travel time. Nevertheless, the problem considered is very constrained, personal preferences cannot be handled effectively, and similar queries need to be computed separately. We explore a provenance-based framework as a way to extend the expressive power of routing queries, based on the idea of keeping track of meta-information about query results. This framework, useful to deal with such aspects as uncertainty or preferences, cannot always benefit of optimizations used for computing optimal routes, leading to impractical algorithms. The aim of our PhD is to improve on routing techniques based on provenance to apply them to real transportation networks.

** Quentin Manière : Complexity of answering rooted counting queries over DL-Lite ontologies.

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