Team members

Research Scientists

Faculty members

  • Paul Armand, Université de Limoges, Professor, France.

External Collaborator

Research Engineers

  • Maurice Brémond, Inria, IR1 (LJK, SED, 40%)
  • Samuel Heidmann, Inria, IR2 (LJK, SED, 80%)
  • Franck Pérignon, CNRS, IR1 (LJK, 20%)

Team assistant

  • Diane.courtiol, Inria

Post-doctoral fellows

  • Nicholas Collins-Craft, Inria granted by Projet Région Auvergne Rhone-Alpes (2020-2022, V. Acary, F. Bourrier) and since September 2022 granted by an European MSCA Fellowship LEMMA.
  • Ritesh Gupta (2023-) Granted by INRIA AeX Granier

PhD students

  • Aya Younes granted by UGA (2021-2024, F. Miranda, B. Brogliato)
  • Hoang Minh Nguyen granted by INRIA (2021-2024, V.Acary, P. Armand)
  • Quang Hung Pham granted by UGA (2022-2025, F. Miranda, B. Brogliato)
  • Louis Guillet granted by INRIA (2023–2025, V. Acary, F. Bourrier)
  • Florian Vincent granted by INRIA (2023–2026, V. Acary, J. Malick)
  • Mattéo Oziol granted by G-INP (2023–2026, T. Faug, F. Bourrier, V. Acary)

Former members

    • Faculty members
    • Visiting Professor
      • Mathias Legrand, McGill university, Canada (09/2018–11/2018)
      • Paul Armand, Université de Limoges, France. (several visits between 02/2019 –06/2019 )
    •  Post-doc
      • Kirill Vorotnikov, Inria (2016–2018, G. James and B. Brogliato)
      • Achref El Mansour, Inria granted by STRMTG Grenoble (2018- 2019, V. Acary, B.Brogliato)
      • Alexandre Rocca, Inria granted by FUI Modeliscale (2018-2021, V. Acary, B.Brogliato)
      • Abhishek Chatterjee, Inria (2020-2021, B.Brogliato, G. James)
      • Mohammad Rasool Mojallizadeh, Inria granted by ANR DIGITSLID (2019-2020, B. Brogliato, V. Acary)
      • Emilie Rouzies (2023), INRIA granted on exploratory action GRANIER.
    • PhD student
      • Alexandre Vieira, Grenoble INP (2015–2018, B. Brogliato, C. Prieur)
      • Rami Sayoud, Schneider Electric, CIFRE grant (2018–2021, V. Acary, B. Brogliato)
      • Charlélie Bertrand granted by ENTPE (Ecole Nationale des Travaux Publics) (2018–2021, V. Acary, C. Lamarque (ENTPE))
      • Benoit Viano granted by INRIA.  (2019–2022, V. Acary, F. Bourrier)
      • Chrystelle Kozaily granted by INRIA, IPL Modeliscale currently in HYCOMES Team INRIA Rennes (2018–2021, V. Acary, B. Caillaud, K. Ghorbal (INRIA Rennes))
  • Master students and interns
    • Abdulhadi Abdlgwad, Izmir yüksek teknoloji University, Turkey Erasmus Internship (10/2017 – 04/2018, V. Acary, F. Bourrier)
    • Nicolas Molina Vergara, M1 internship, Pontificia Universidad Católica de Chile, Santiago (01-03/2018, V. Acary)
    • Thoi Thi Tran, M2 internship, Université de Limoges (03-08/2018, V. Acary)
    • Maksym Shpakovych, M2 internship, Université de Limoges (02-08/2019, V. Acary, P. Armand)
    • Nicolas Parent, Joel Andrepont, M1 internship, Université Grenoble Alpes (05-07/2019, V. Acary, F. Pérignon, M. Brémond)
    • Van Nam Vo, M2 internship, Université de Limoges (02-08/2019, B. Brogliato, C. Prieur)
    • Hugo Parada, M1 internship, Universidad Técnica Federico Santa María Chile (01-03/2019, B. Brogliato, C. Prieur)
    • Denise Cariaga Sandoval, M1 internship, Pontificia Universidad Católica de Chile. (12/2019 – 03/2020, V. Acary)
    • Camille Julliard, M1 internship, ENSTA Paris (05/2021–07/2021, A. Tonnelier V. Acary)
    • Marc Hétier, M1 internship, ENSIMAG (05/2021–07/2021, F. Bourrier, V. Acary)
    • Huu Duc Anh Nguyen, M2 internship, Polytech Lyon (02/2021–07/2021, F. Bourrier, V. Acary, T. Faug (Inrae))
    • Johnny Godoy, M1 internship, University of Chile, Mathematical engineering department. INRIA Chile partnership. (01/2023–04/2023,  V. Acary, P. Armand)
    • Moustapha Adiouane, M1 internship, ENSIMAG (05–09/2023)

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