Ph.D. defense: Robust 3D Watermarking (Xavier Rolland-Nevière)

November 12, 2014 – Euler Violet

Title: Robust 3D Watermarking

Abstract: 3D models are valuable assets widely used in the entertainment industry and likely to face piracy issues. This presentation summarizes my Ph.D. research on the protection of static meshes through robust watermarking. Watermarking enables copyright holders to perform traitor-tracing tasks by inserting a secret payload within a copyrighted content. Following some preliminary background information and a review of the state-of-the-art in 3D watermarking, I will present a robust watermarking framework that relies on the modulation of the radial distances. Leveraging on an existing quadratic programming formulation, several extensions that improve the routine fidelity vs robustness watermarking trade-off will be reviewed. A thorough investigation of the security will be discussed next, using two main obfuscation mechanisms and a series of attacks and counter-measures. In the final part of the presentation, I will present a resynchronization approach that is integrated within the watermarking framework so as to deal with cropping attacks, which remains an enduring technical challenge today.