Talk by Francieli Zanon Boito (Corse Team, Inria Grenoble/LIG) on January 23rd

January 23rd at 2pm in room Grace Hopper2 (4th floor), Francieli Zanon Boito (post-doc in Corse Team), will present her recent works on data management

Title: Data management to promote near-data processing

Abstract: Motivated by a case study of instrumental data management at the CEA, this project aims at providing near-data processing (NDP) for tasks from scientific workflows, executed to perform analysis of instrumental data from a centralized storage. These tasks are submitted by users to a framework that will coordinate their execution over available processing nodes and all required data transfers. NDP is promoted by using part of the storage capacity from
the processing nodes as cache for data. In this presentation I will talk about this project and present initial results with different replication strategies.