Talk by Emmanuel Jeannot

On March 4th, Emmanuel Jeannot, TADaaM team leader, will present us some result of his research.

Ttile: Process Mapping on any Topologies with TOPOMATCH

Process mapping (or process placement) is a useful algorithmic technique to optimize the way applications are launched and executed onto a parallel machine. By taking into account the topology of the machine and the affinity between the processes, process mapping helps to reduce the communication time of the whole parallel application. Here, we present TOPOMATCH a generic and versatile tool and algorithm to address the process placement problem. We describe its features and characteristics, and we report different use cases that benefit from these tools. We also study the impact of different factors: sparsity of the input affinity matrix, trade-off between the speed and the quality of the mapping procedure as well as the impact of the noise onto the input.

The slides are available.