Mark Weiser’s vision of ubiquitous and pervasive environment is becoming more and more concrete with the growing popularity and availability of affordable sensors and electronic tags. The goal of pervasive computing is to seamlessly merge virtual and real environments. A real environment is composed of objects from the physical world, e.g., people, places, machines. A virtual environment is any information system, e.g., the Web. The integration of these environments must permit people and theirinformation systems to implicitly interact with their surrounding environment

The TACOMA group is addressing research from one main angle: Programming Models for Ambient Computing. We are looking at ways of modeling the physical environment in the virtual environment of programs in order to facilitate pervasive application development. The goal is to be able to write programs and deploy services that address and navigate through objects in the physical world.

TACOMA is a follow-up of INRIA/IRISA ACES Team.