Post-doc – Uncertainty and Sensitivity analysis for an energy / environment optimization model

Keywords : 

  • Sensitivity analysis, quantification of uncertainties, optimization, stochastic programming,
  • Energy/environment models, MARKAL models, integrated modelling, sustainable development.

Activities: The aim of this postdoctoral position is to develop an uncertainty and sensitivity analysis for the ETEM model. The goal is to better understand the effect of the parameters uncertainties on the result of the optimization process. Various stochastic methods will be considered, like Monte Carlo approaches, variance-based approach and screening-design method [3].
Therefore, the purpose of this project is to increase the understanding of the interactions between energetic policies and their environmental effects, and to support decision making based on the Etem model.

References :
[3] A comparative review of sensitivity and uncertainty analysis of large-scale systems – II: Statistical methods – D.G. Cacuci, M. Ionescu-Bujor – Nuclear science and engineering: 147, 204-217 (2004)

Environment: The project will be carried out in the STEEP lab at INRIA Rhône-Alpes, under the supervision of Dr. Emmanuel Prados (INRIA) and Dr. Elise Arnaud (LJK, UJF). This position is offered at the Rhône-Alpes Research Unit of INRIA, located near Grenoble and Lyon. The Unit includes more than 700 people, within 34 research teams and 10 support services.

Salary: 2 607,80 € gross/month. Monthly salary after taxes : 2127,64 € (medical insurance included).

Profile and conditions for applicants: We are seeking highly qualified and motivated applicants with strong skills in applied mathematics. Strong knowledge in optimization is desirable, in particular in stochastic programming. Also, experience in the field of energy and environment will be appreciated. Knowledge of programming languages will be appreciated too.

Duration: 18 months.