Internship – Uncertainty and Sensitivity analysis for a land use / transport model

In the steep team, we aim at developing mathematical and computational decision-making tools to support decision makers in the implementation of the transition to sustainability.To do so, we use and implement various energy / environment / land-use / transport models. These models are designed to simulate the effects of a given policy, or to optimize a policy choice under constraints.

In particular, we are interested in TRANUS, which is an integrated land use and transport modeling package. Tranus simulates the location of activities in space, land use, the real estate market and the transportation system. It may be applied to urban or regional scales. It is specially designed for the simulation of the probable effects of projects and policies of different kinds in cities and regions, and to evaluate the effects from economic, financial and environmental points of view.

In this context, the aim of this internship is to develop an uncertainty and sensitivity analysis for the TRANUS model applied in Swindon (city in UK) The goal is to understand the effect of the parameter uncertainties on the result of the simulation process. Various stochastic methods will be considered, like Monte Carlo approaches, variance-based approach and screening-design method.

Environment: The project will be carried out in the STEEP lab at INRIA Rhône-Alpes, under the supervision of Dr. Emmanuel Prados (INRIA) and Dr. Elise Arnaud (LJK, UJF). This position is offered at the Rhône-Alpes Research Unit of INRIA, located near Grenoble and Lyon. The Unit includes more than 700 people, within 34 research teams and 10 support services.

Salary: around 1100 euros /  month

Profile and conditions for applicants:We are seeking qualified and motivated applicants with strong skills in applied mathematics and computer science. Strong knowledge in probability is desirable, in particular in stochastic programming. Knowledge of programming languages will be appreciated.

Duration: 6 months.


  • To apply, please send a pdf file containing a complete CV, your publication list, a cover letter and a list of three references (with telephone numbers and postal and e-mail addresses) toEmmanuel Prados.
  • deadline : 10th of December, 2010