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Congratulation to Jean-Yves and Julien for the paper accepted to the conference “Flow modeling for urban development”

Congratulation to Jean-Yves Courtonne and Julien Alapetite for the paper accepted to the conference “Flow modeling for urban development”
 organized in 2012 under the aegis of the French research network “Groupement d’Intérêt Scientifique” on “Urban Modeling”. Conference will be held the 13th and 14th of June 2012 at Lille Grand Palais.

Submission of a project to the ANR program “Numerical Models” : CITiES

STEEP is the coordinator of the project CITiES submitted to the 2012 ANR program “Numerical Models”. The other partners involved in CITiEs are MOISE, IRTES-SeT, LET, LVMT, IFSTTAR-DET, IDDRI, VINCI (Pirandello Ingenierie) and IAU-ÎdF.

Congratulation to Parikshit for the paper accepted to ICURPT

Congratulation to Parikshit Dutta for the paper submited to ICURPT 2012 (International Conference on Urban, Regional Planning and Transportation) on sensitivity analysis of TRANUS.

Our project TRACER with Modelistica and IDDRI has been accepted!

Our project “TRACER” in collaboration with Modelistica and IDDRI has been accepted! This project is founded by the Ecos-Nord program.

Welcome to Parikshit Dutta!

Parikshit joins STEEP for at least one year and a half as an associate researcher. He is an expert in parameter and state estimation and uncertainties.

Delivery of the first version of TEOS to IDDRI (Urban Fabric pole)

After several working months, July the 29th, 2011, we have delivered the first version of TEOS (Tranus parameter Exploration and Optimization Software) to IDDRI (Urban Fabric pole). A first software which aims to help the calibration of transport and land use model TRANUS. Congratulation to Anthony and Mathieu!

Visit of Tomás de la Barra

President and founder of Modelistica,  Tomás de la Barra is professor of the Central University of Venezuela. He has more than 35 years of professional and academic experience in the fields of urban and regional planning, and transport planning. He is the main author of the TRANUS system, and the author of the book Integrated Land Use …

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Welcome to new team members

Peter Sturm has recently reinforced the STEEP team! Subhas Mallah arrived in April as associated researcher. Mariano Fernandez and Jean-Yves Courtonne are arriving in April for their master internship. Anthony Tschirhard is arriving for a 3 month intership in our lab.

STEEP featured in ‘La Recherche’ magazine

The October issue of ‘La Recherche’ features an article written by Emmanuel Prados and Elise Arnaud (see ‘Les Cahiers de l’INRIA’).