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Visit of Tomás de la Barra

President and founder of Modelistica, Tomás de la Barra is professor of the Central University of Venezuela. He has more than 35 years of professional and academic experience in the fields of urban and regional planning, and transport planning. He is the main author of the TRANUS system, and the author of the book Integrated …

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Meeting with elected officials of the City of Grenoble

Steep team has been invited by and met elected officials of the City of Grenoble the 13th of July 2017. Next meetings will follow in fall 2017 …

Scientific meeting STEEP-G-SCOP

Wednesday 12th of July 2017, ROSP team of G-SCOP invited us and organized a scientific meeting between STEEP team and G-SCOP. It was a great pleasure to meet and talk with G-SCOP members! We are hoping that it will lead to new collaborations soon!

2nd Transitions² meeting

July 4 2017, we organize with La FING, IDDRI and ADEME, the 2nd Transitions² meeting 2017 at Le Square Paris, 3 passage Saint-Pierre Amelot, 75011 Program and more >> here

Welcome Regis Perrier !!!

Regis Perrier is from now on a member of STEEP team. Welcome Regis !!!

STEEP-GREG seminar “Agroécologie politique et nouvelle ruralité communautaire”

STEEP-GREG seminar : 1st of June 2017. Title : “Agroécologie politique et nouvelle ruralité communautaire : quelles complémentarités ? Le cas du Nicaragua” Speakers : Catherine Figuière Creg & Renaud Metereau Creg Discussion panel : Pierre-Yves Longaretti, STEEP

Conférence « Comprendre et agir » de Pierre-Yves Longaretti en ligne

La conférence « Comprendre et agir » de Pierre-Yves Longaretti en désormais en ligne : Titre : “Environnement, économie, effondrement : la quadrature du cercle ?” Vidéo sur YouTube . Plus d’infos >> ici

Ski outing…

…Friday 31th of January, we were all at Sept Laux (or almost, since Jeremy, Pierre-Yves and Elise were missing)!

STEEP at the technology forum 4i

STEEP has presented its work on Land use and Transport Models at Forum 4i (in “Vitrine Technologique” section) Thanks to Peter for the wonderful scale model!

CITiES kickoff meeting, INRIA Grenoble, Jan 22-24th

CITiES kickoff meeting will take place at INRIA Grenoble, January 22-24th, 2013.