ViCoMo_Logo[2009 – 2012] ViCoMo Project – Visual Context Modelling 

ViCoMo is a ITEA 2 European Project which has started on the 1st of October 2009 and will last 36 months. INRIA Grant is 354.6 Keuros. This project concerns advanced video-interpretation algorithms on video data that are typically acquired with multiple cameras.
ViCoMo is focusing on the construction of realistic context models to improve the decision making of complex vision systems and to produce a faithful and meaningful behaviour. The context of an event (a crime, group activity, or computer-aided diagnosis) can be found with multiple sensors, like a multi-camera set-up in a surveillance system. The general goal of the ViCoMo project is thus to find the context of events that were captured by the cameras or image sensors, and model the context such that reliable reasoning about an event can be established. Hence, modelling of events and the 3D surroundings helps to recognize the behaviour of persons, objects and events in a 3D view.

The project is executed by a strong international consortium, containing large high-tech companies (e.g. Philips, Acciona, Thales), smaller innovative SMEs (CycloMedia, VDG Security) and is complemented with relevant research groups and departments from well-known universities (TU Eindhoven, University of Catalonia, Free University of Brussels) and research institutes (INRIA, CEA List, Multitel). Participating countries are France, Spain, Finland, Turkey, Belgium, Netherlands.

For more information, see the ViCoMo Project Web-Page.

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