Software + DATA

Main projects:

  • SUP is a software platform developed by the INRIA team STARS for perceiving, analysing and interpreting a 3D dynamic scene observed through a network of sensors. SUP´s primary goal is the dissemination of components containing algorithms developed by members of Stars. The dissemination is targeted for use in real-world applications requiring high-throughput.Links :
    • Presentations and videos on this site on the dedicated SUP blogpage. Ready to use the software.
    • Information for people who wants to develop plugins and integrate it to the software on the SUP Wikipage for an overview of all existing pages related to SUP. Ready to take part in the development.
    • Sources and bootstrap script available through a git repository on the SUP devpage
    • Download: SUP_INRIA_v2.2.
    • How to install: Please unzip and follow the instructions in INSTALL.txt
  • VISEVAL At INRIA, an evaluation framework has been developed to assess the performance of Gerontechnologies and Videosurveillance. This framework aims at better understanding the added values of new technologies for home-care monitoring and other services. This platform is available to the scientific community and contains a set of metrics to evaluate automatically the performance of software given some ground-truth. ViSEvAl is under GNU Affero General Public License (AGPL).

CAR (Complex Activity Recognition) module

CAR(Complex Activity Recognition), written in C++ , is designed for analyzing video content . CAR is able to recognize events such as ‘falling’, ‘walking’ of a person. CAR divides the work-flow of a video processing into several separated modules, such as acquisition, segmentation, up to activity recognition. Each module has a specific interface, and different …

SUP: Presentation and videos

Make it easy for users Make it easy to developers Add your platform specific functionalities Presentation : SUP is the STARS development platform. Through a network of cameras we want to extract the scene description. Somebody felt down, This patient is slower than the previous time, or Those two guys swapped their suitcase! It has to …