Update CAR Component

Get the last version of SUP for Fedora 19 (x86_64) or SUP for Fedora 17 (x86_64) (also available by SUP RPM archives).

If you have already installed SUP (Scene Understanding Platform) libraries of the CAR component and you want to udpdate CAR with a more recent version, you need to remove this previous RPM.

1 – Remove each package as follows :

yum remove sup-plugins sup extra dtk

The latest CAR version uses libpqxx version 4. You might have version 3 previously installed. If this is the case you need to activate the repository, remove it and install it.

2 – Make the following :

rpm -Uvh http://yum.postgresql.org/9.2/fedora/fedora-$(rpm -E %fedora)-x86_64/pgdg-fedora92-9.2-6.noarch.rpm
yum remove libpqxx libpqxx-devel
yum install libpqxx libpqxx-devel

Once you install the libraries, edit the pg_hba.conf located by /var/lib/pgsql/9.2/data/pg_hba.conf.

3 – You need to have the same lines in your pg_hba.conf file :

# “local” is for Unix domain socket connections only
local        all    all                    trust

# IPv4 local connections:
host all    all   trust
host all    all    samenet          trust

Now you can install CAR libraries.

4 – Go to the dowloading directory (e.g. cd /home/username/Downloads) and execute these:

yum localinstall dtk-0.6.1-$(rpm -E %fedora)-x86_64.rpm extra-0.0.1-$(rpm -E %fedora)-x86_64.rpm sup-0.0.1-$(rpm -E %fedora)-x86_64.rpm sup-plugins-0.0.1-$(rpm -E %fedora)-x86_64.rpm

Your RPM should be installed now.

5 – Go to the page “Test and use the CAR component” in the upper level to start using the CAR component (assuming you have set your scene context using the Kreat tool and assuming you have activated the SQL database although you can test the CAR component without any SQL DB installed).

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